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Public Equestrian Trails in Georgia

By Larry Wheat

This tabulation lists all of the official trails within Georgia that are open to equestrian riding and that are either on public land or managed by a public agency. The National Forest trail mileage listed below exceeds the Forest Service advertised mileage by about 10 miles because the values below are the combination of natural trail and roadway one would ride while the Forest Service quoted mileage does not include the road part (e.g., Sumac Creek is listed here as 13 miles as this includes 9 miles of trail and 4 miles of FS road). The Wildlife Management Area (WMA) data are the least well defined as it is difficult to determine how much mileage is trails and how much is roads. Many state WMAs and private timber company lands contain extensive roads and paths that are not official public trails but they are used on a regular basis. Included are only those WMAs that advertise having trails or request that horses not use their trials or roads during selected hunting seasons.

Regional Pinhoti Trail in Georgia (PT) Equestrian Shared Sections

Section Name/ Old Ref. Mileage Comments
Friday / GA54.0Old railroad bed/ Simms Mountain
Holland / GA69.0Old railroad bed/ Simms Mountain. New one-mile connector opened in 2010 that connects large USFS parking lot to rail bed portion.
Taylor Ridge South / GA79.1Parking both ends, no water
Taylor Ridge North / GA89.2Parking both ends, 2.4 mile gravel on south end, north end better with stream
Strawberry Mountain / GA94.4Parking, stream
John’s Mountain / GA109.3Dry creek parking lot (fee), stream
Horn Mountain / GA115.3Parking, stream
The Snake / GA1211.8Parking, midway stream, northern 4 miles no horses. At end of horse part one can take Hurricane Creek Trail 1.7 miles to parking.
Rock Creek / GA155.2No parking at north end of PT where it crosses Hwy 52.
Jack’s River / GA183.1Connects on north end to South Fork loop trail (The Jack’s River Fields campground with parking is 2.1 miles further on the South Fork trail, beside FS64)
Total PT equestrian miles are 70.4 and 57.4 of those are on the National Forest.

US National Park Service (NPS) Equestrian Shared Trails

Trail NameMileageComments
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park12.0Parking, streams
Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park 10.0Parking, streams
Total NPS equestrian miles are 22.0.

USDA Forest Service (FS) Equestrian Shared Trails (Other than Regional Pinhoti Trail in Georgia)

Trail NameMileageComments
Iron Mountain12.0 Conasauga Ranger District (CRD), Cottonwood Patch camp, rivers (includes 5.4 miles of FS road and TN trail)
Sumac Creek 13.0CRD, Figure 8, streams (includes 4 miles of FS road)
South Fork8.0CRD, Jack’s River Fields camp, streams
Horseshoe Bend3.5CRD
Hemp Top6.2CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
Penitentiary Branch3.5CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
Jack’s River 1.5 (and another short part)CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
Beech Bottom4.0CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
East Cowpen7.0CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
Hickory Creek8.6CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
Hickory Ridge3.5CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
Rice Camp3.9CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
Rough Ridge5.5CRD, Cohutta Wilderness
Bull Mountain/Jake Mountain/ Turner Creek system43.0 Blue Ridge Ranger District, horse camp, streams (this system is being improved, replacing poor trails with sustainable ones). Port-a-potty
Frady Branch System (4 loops)13.0 Chattooga River Ranger District, parking, streams, fee. Wash rack and toilet, (temporarily closed due to access washout)
Lady Slipper6.2Chattooga River RD, streams
Willis Knob15.0Chattooga River RD, streams, 8 reservation only water/electric campsites
Falling Creek (Hitchiti)6.4Oconee Ranger District
Ocmulgee Trail System30.0Oconee RD
Total National Forest equestrian miles are 193.8 plus those listed separately for the PT.

US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Equestrian Shared Trails

Trail NameMileageComments
Bussey Point on Lake Thurmond12.0Lake access

Georgia State Parks Equestrian Shared Trails

Trail NameMileageComments
Fort Mountain25.0Stable, parking, camping, streams, fee
Hard Labor Creek22.0Camping, stable, parking, arena, fee
Watson Mill Bridge14.0Camping, parking, stalls, fee
A. H. Stephens Historic 12.0Parking, fee
F. D. Roosevelt20.0Stalls, parking, fee
General Coffee13.4Camping, fee
Total State Parks equestrian miles are 106.4.

Local Municipal Equestrian Shared Trails

Trail NameMileageComments
Garland Mountain Horse & Hike Trails, Cherokee Co.7.0Parking, restroom, streams, ADA mounting ramp, pavilion (additional 7 miles under development)
Dawson Forest WMA, City of Atlanta25.0 Parking, streams, fee
(considerable overlap among trails so total mileage less than the 25 sum of 3 trails)
Georgia International Horse Park15.0Parking, arenas
McIntosh Reserve Park, Carroll Co.14.0Parking, fee
Tribble Mill Park, Gwinnett Co.7.0Parking, stream, water spigot, near toilet
Yellow River Park, Gwinnett Co.7.0Parking, water, restroom
Little Mulberry Park, Gwinnett Co.5.0Parking, stream water, port-a-potty, picnic table
Harbins Park, Gwinnett7.7Parking, water
Sandy Creek by Athens4.5Restrooms, water, fee, closed Mondays
Heritage Park, Oconee County4.5
Dauset Trails, Butts Co.10.0Parking
Cochran Mill Park, Fulton Co.7.0 estimatedRestroom, limited parking, stream
Cobb County Passive ParkTBDSeveral miles riding currently available, but no official trail system yet established
Total local municipal equestrian miles are over 113.7

State Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Equestrian Shared Trails

WMA NameMileageComments
Crockford-Pigeon Mountain44.0 Parking, camping, streams
Clybel (Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center)5.6Water, parking, restroom
Di-Lane12.0Water, parking, camping
Tuckahoe10.0Water, parking, camping, restrooms
Pine Log10. or moreStreams, riding on gravel roads, parking
Allatoona 10. or morePrimarily road riding, stream
Berry College15. or moreAccess by college permit and/or local saddle club membership
McGraw Ford5.0Stream, dirt roads
Total miles are over 112.0 (Note: There are many unofficial trails and roads on various WMAs used by local riders.)

Rails To Trails Equestrian Trails

Trail NameCountiesMileage
Georgia Coast Rail-Trail (White Oak)Camden3.50
Riverfront Greenway Trail Dougherty 2.40
Silver Comet Trail Cobb, Paulding, Polk 61.50
Simms Mountain Trail Chattooga, Floyd 4.50